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The world’s first Management Innovation Lab  is a unique initiative with an equally unique and powerful perspective. Co-founded by professor Gary Hamel, “the world’s leading expert on business strategy” (Fortune 2006) and Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School professor of Strategic and International Management,  The Lab is a pioneering attempt to create a setting in which progressive companies and world renowned management scholars work together to co-create “tomorrow’s best practices” today. The goal:  to dramatically accelerate  the evolution of management processes and practices  that will define competitive success in the 21st century.

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“Labnotes” —  the Lab’s publication — will keep  you up-to-date with research developments, examples of innovative management practices , insights and event announcements.

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What do we mean by management innovation?

A management innovation is a marked departure from traditional management principles, processes and practices or a departure from customary organisational forms that significantly alters the way the work of management is performed.

In the 1920s, for example, General Motors’ invention of the divisionalised organisation helped it overtake Ford to become the world’s leading automotive company. In the 1930s, Procter & Gamble’s development of brand management made it the dominant force in consumer goods markets. Toyota’s work on employee-based problem solving in the 1970s helped revolutionise manufacturing.

Successful management innovations like these change the way the world’s organisations are managed.

Creating tomorrow’s new practices today

Based at London Business School, the Management Innovation Lab works with leading-edge firms to help them create tomorrow’s new practices today. Our aim is to support these pioneering companies in creating genuine management innovation. In this way we hope to accelerate the evolution of management practice.

Specifically, the Lab helps its partner companies create ground-breaking management experiments that:

  • Address critical next-generation business challenges
  • Challenge long-standing assumptions about how the work of management is best accomplished, and
  • Drive step-change improvements in key performance parameters such as employee engagement, strategic resilience, and business innovation

Join us in helping create tomorrow’s new practice today.